Ambient User Experience

When, how, where, these questions are not even relevant anymore, all of our digital interactions can became completely synchronized and beyond our needs and necessities. The ambient digital experience makes sure that we obtain and maximize our experiences across traditional boundaries of space, time, devices, but there is something more, it helps us to prevent, ensure, entrust our own feeling and be better, perform better and reach our goals. Nowadays it is part of our human evolution and how we interact with each other, how we express our feelings and how important is to memorize our thoughts and use them later in our benefit. Technological experience means a virtual circus between physical, virtual and electronic environments, all of them perfectly related and linked.

We are able to use real-time information when is mandatory, no more useless data, no more memorizing, it’s the era of active listing, learning and knowledge. Our skills are not evaluated anymore as an unique and solo knowledge, being technological depend is not bad anymore, because we develop our logical and reflexional skills, which are the ones that help us to interact and be successful, because our world is in continuous changing and this something that will be continued for a long, long time.

Organization will need to consider their client’s behavior based on their emotions and how globally used can be the product, also the is design, people are craving for personalized products, products and services completely involved in the used experience and merge between personal and technological use.

Consuming more of what we want and less standardization is what the technological progress is showing us. Connection and facilities, that what our devices must claim if we want to attract our customers.