Do apps transfer to new phones?

If you are one of those who bought the new Samsung S8, chances are you are working hard to integrate the device into your schedule and needs. Earlier when one bought a new phone, there was no process to allow the transfer of applications and data from an old device, but with the new transfer technology, you can easily transfer apps, music, calendars, contacts, videos and photos from an old iPhone to a new handset. This transfer is also possible across different operating systems, say from Android to Apple.

How to transfer from an old iPhone to a new one
Transferring apps from an old iPhone is easy and utilizes iTunes and iCloud data to configure the new iPhone. You can save health and activity data by selecting an option to encrypt your backup using iTunes. All data that is saved through this feature is encrypted automatically and transferring the same into a new phone is also automatic. Once you backup your data using the old iPhone, turn the handset off and if you need the SIM card inserted into the phone you can remove it before performing this process.

The next step is turning on the new iPhone, which now bears your SIM card. While on data or Wi-Fi, if you had chosen to save your data using iTunes, you can connect the handset to a computer then proceed to connect to iTunes. You will get a setup process that should take you up to the Apps & Data screen. On this screen, click on the ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’ option.

Remember if you had signed using several Apple IDs you will need to sign each, but you can skip this by choosing not to use any Apple ID. The last step is where you will need to patiently wait for the backups to be restored. Don’t touch the connection until the system is done restoring your apps and data. With this process, you will not need to worry about losing vital data or apps that contain a lot of your data.

Switching from Android to iPhone
To connect your Android device to an Apple phone, you first need to install the ‘Move to iOS’ app. Connect both phones to chargers to avoid running out of charge due to the process. Also note that your iPhone must be running iOS 9 or higher. Proceed to the setup process of your new iPhone and look for the Apps and Data screen.

From this directory you should choose the option labeled “Move Data from Android”. Then proceed to your Android phone, particularly the Move to iOS app and go to the Find Your Code screen. Now pick your iPhone and click on the Move Data from Android option and you will be prompted to enter your code onto your Android device.

After this, a transfer screen will show up and this is the stage where you should pick the apps you would like to transfer. Although the process may take some time, you are advised to hold on without unplugging your phones until the process says finished. In some cases you will realize that some data could not be transferred automatically, so you have to use manual transfer in this case.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about switching from one phone to another then losing data; all you need is to embrace the steps highlighted above if you are transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one, or if you are transferring apps from an Android device to a new iPhone. The process is fast and easy, so you should embrace the opportunity to keep all your data in one place.